im obsessed with leggings... its a problem.
just got these! for my rocker chick days :)
xo- meagan


i wanna fall in love :)

one of my favorite pics!
when i get married im soooo gonna take a pic like this :) haha

dont forget to see "remember me" this friday!!!
im so excited! its gonna make me wanna be in luvvvv :)

xoxo- meagan


my favs :)

i think i might be a little obsessed with miley and taylor... is that weird?? haha :) and i just really like these pics so i thought id post them and share my weird obsession..

also go to mollys blog TRY and see the other 2 girls im obsessed with! my sissys!!!
love & rockets, meagan :)


motorcycle cowgirl or hippie cowgirl? that is the question..

i love valentines day :)
i got roses, a twilight card that jacob signed for me of course, and a visa gift card! i love my parents (aka my valentines) but now the dilema is what should i spend my money on?? well ive really been wanting some cowboy booties so thats what im getting! now i need help on deciding which one!!! haha

choice #1: motorcycle cowboy bootie....

choice #2: hippie cowboy bootie...

i cant decide! help meeeee!!!
xoxo- meagan



i want to learn this dance!!!! whose with me?! ha

my sisters :)

molly took all of these pictures of maggie the other day and i am blown away by how talented my sister molly is at photography and how gorgeous my sister maggie is! daaannnngggg!!!
check out the rest of the pics on mollys blog TRY


hey miley ray! i want your combat boots!!!!

even though theyre not really "my style" i want them!!! :)
if anyone knows where theyre from let me know!
xo- meagan rhea
(sorry i had to. haha)


valentines day is coming up!

i would LOVE to have this twill bomber jacket...
in the color fatigue in a size 2 :)

and i would also LOVE to have you as my valentine joe :)
what do you say? pick me up at 8??
xoxoxo- meagan